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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I Have To Order Beforehand On Special Days?

It will be healthy for you to order 3 business days before to order on special occasions such as 8 March Women's Day, Anniversary Day and 14 February Sevgililer Day.

When can I order?

You can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you place an order until 11:00 am for deliveries within UAE, we can deliver the same day. Delivery time outside of Dubai is 1 or 2 business days. On the same day we have alternatives for delivery outside the province and you need to contact us.

Where can I order as a location?

We are able to order online from anywhere in the world, but only for delivery to UAE for the time being.

How can I order?

You can contact us to order Sherose quality roses or place orders online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, securely via our website. The first alternative is to contact us with the Sherose phone number on our contact page, you can contact us with the WhatsApp application and send an email to our mail address. The second alternative, online ordering, can be ordered from the product tab of our website by selecting from 72 different Sherose product alternatives.


How is the Payment Security Status?

Credit card payment is only made on orders placed on our web site. Our website uses the international 3D safe payment infrastructure service. Other than that, your credit card information is taken from us and the order is not created. Money transfer / EFT is always available.

How is Product Pricing Determined?

Product pricing is based on order of roses. Different prices are determined according to the order of the roses in the box.


Our Delivery Conditions How?

We deliver our own vehicles in UAE. Outside of Dubai, food rods are attached to the stem parts of the roses and the sponges and roses in the box are fixed.

What Time Do We Deliver?

We can deliver 7/24 for Dubai. Deliveries can be made on the same day for orders placed until 11:00. Depending on the delivery location and traffic situation, we can deliver your orders after 11:00 pm on the same day. We can not promise delivery time for out of Dubai, we are only committed to delivery within working hours. All of our cargoes have a VIP priority, and there is a need to get out of the branch.

Which locations are we delivering?

For now, delivery is being made to all of UAE, Kuwait and Jordan. Deliveries are made within 1 working day up to 600km distance outside Dubai, 2 or 3 working days for 600 + km. In the case of passing through as the Grand City without depending on the distance, delivery can be made generally the next day. There is no charge for delivery.


Will Shared Photos Be the Same Product?

The photos are delivered to our customers and are strictly shared without loss of originality. The quality / size / vitality etc. of the product you see. the same in terms of delivery.

How Long are Vases of Our Roses?

The average lifespan of our roses is 2 weeks. Longer life than domestic products and can maintain its vitality for 10-14 days. According to his type, he can live in the vase for 1 month. When the instructions on the box are applied, they live the maximum life. Because it is a natural product, 1% can be a problem and this situation is compensated by us

What is the Character of Our Roses?

Our roses are imported and are first class quality products. Generally it is supplied from Netherlands, Kenya and Ecuador producers. It is brought in by airplane and protected by our own cold weather stores. If you order, cold air at 2-4 degree temperature is removed from depomuz and your order is prepared. We do not offer roses that have been prepared in advance or have been waiting in room conditions and have lost their freshness. Sherose roses are vibrant, cutting roses and absolutely shocked or artificial.